Agape Lodge

Accommodates up to 20 people
Rustic and cozy great room
Fireplace + sofas
Tables & chairs available

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Baxter Dining Hall

Accommodates up to 200 people
Tables & chairs available
Features picture windows and skylights

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Carr Center

Accommodates 20 to 80people
Built-in audio visual system
Flexible seating arrangements available

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Cross Keys Inn

Accommodates up to 80 people
Built-in projection screen
Industrial kitchen
Tables & chairs

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Griffith Hall

Accommodates 15 to 60 people
Typically set with round tables for 6
Overlooks our 110-acre lake

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Interpretive Center

Accommodates up to 40 people
Bird watching areas
Overlooks our 110-acre lake
Tables & Chairs

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Manor House

Accommodates up to 40 people
Conference room
Dining room
Living Room

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Activity Center

Accommodates up to 20 people
Overlooks the lake
Close to Lilly Village

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Other Facilities

Sports Pavilion
The Jerry D. Semler/MDRT Foundation Sports Pavilion houses a combination basketball/volleyball court. The covered court can also be used for events. It is available for general use by groups on property, or can be reserved exclusively by the hour or day.

Our amphitheater uses the principles of Universal Design in the outdoors, with seating for up to 200, a stage with lighting, and a fire pit.

Picnic Shelters
We have several shelters available for rent for picnics, cookouts, or company events. The shelters are located at the beach/waterfront, and in the observatory field.

Confirm Your Event's Details

It's almost time for your group to visit Bradford Woods! Before you arrive, your event coordinator will contact you to verify the some details and finalize your arrangements.

  • Submit your final numbers. If your group is staying overnight, we'll also need to know the number of male/female participants and chaperones to help you determine the most comfortable sleeping arrangements. If we don't receive this number, we'll use the number on your contract.
  • If we are providing meals for your group, menu selections are also due at least 14 days prior to your event this time.
  • If your group has a planned agenda, please send a copy to your event coordinator so we can verify arrangements have been made for your group's activities.
  • Schedule a check-in time with your event coordinator. He/she will walk through the facilities with you, review your event arrangements, review safety and emergency procedures, and provide emergency contact information. If you realize you will be early or late for your check-in time, please contact your event coordinator

Refer to your event contract for more information about deposits, confirmed numbers, and cancellations.


Platform Tent Area

Shower and bathroom facilities, fire pits, water, easy lake and beach access.

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Kitchen Rental

Guests who rent the Cross Keys Inn, Griffith Hall, or the Manor House may rent the industrial kitchen facilities in these buildings for an additional charge per day. Since these facilities have commercial kitchens, guests will be given a kitchen orientation at the time of check-in.

Agape Lodge, Ryan Cottage, and Wolf House all have standard kitchen facilities which may be used without a fee. Guests must follow safe food-handling and kitchen usage procedures posted in our facilities, including the use of approved disinfectants in kitchen cleaning and appropriate dishwashing technique.


Fireplaces and Campfires

You are welcome to build fires in designated fireplaces and campfire sites. A member of your group is responsible for starting the fire, monitoring it, and extinguishing it prior to leaving the campsite or fireplace. Wood from outside Bradford Woods is prohibited for environmental and pest reasons. You may purchase firewood from us, please inquire about pricing.


AV and Technology

Technology built in to a facility is included at no cost. Please refer to facility descriptions for more information. If you need to rent a projector, screen, easel/flip chart pad, or TV, please contact your event coordinator in advance. Some other items like charcoal grills and table linens may also be rented. Please ask your event coordinator for a complete list of these items.