Recreation Therapy

Our Recreation Therapy department has been providing life-changing experiences to youth and adults with physical and cognitive diagnoses for more than 65 years. Our passionate staff members use our uniquely accessible facility to empower each camper through therapeutic activities like archery, arts and crafts, basketball, canoeing, music, scuba diving, swimming, waterskiing, and low- and high-ropes courses, while focusing on building confidence, breaking barriers, and creating life-long friendships.

We're also looking for passionate counselors to work with our campers during the summer months. Find out more below!

Employment Opportunities

Description of the video:

Video opens with aerial footage showing Bradford Woods property including lush green trees.

There is instrumental music playing in the background.

On-screen text reads: Bradford Woods hosts specialty camps designed to serve youth and adults with physical and cognitive diagnoses.

Video shows a smiling school-aged camper in a wheelchair being raised in the air onto the zip line as other people assist.

Video changes to girl being lifted out of a zip line seat onto the ground as two people assist.

Video changes to a school-aged boy smiling in awe as he is released onto the zipline from a platform.

Video changes to show aerial footage of the zip line from above as a camper zips through the tree canopy with arms and legs extended.

Video changes to a smiling person in a wheelchair being escorted down a ramp at the lake as others follow behind them.

On-screen text reads: We use universal design to give campers from Camp Riley and other partner camps a barrier-free, empowering experience.

Video changes to a woman carrying a backpack aiding a school-aged camper down the dock toward a pontoon boat on the lake.  Other campers and counselors are in the background walking to and getting on the pontoon.

Video changes to a row boat containing three people being pushed by another person into the water from the shore. The people in the front and back of the boat have oars ready to row.

Video changes to show a pontoon boat loaded with campers and counselors pull away into the water.

Video change to show aerial footage of a row boat containing 3 people on the lake.  The people in the front and back of the boat are rowing.

Video changes to a high ropes course with safety netting.  Two school-aged children are navigating their way through the course.

Video changes to a smiling school-aged camper suspended on a high ropes course.

On-screen text shows a quote from Kendra H., a Venture Camper, that reads: “Bradford Woods has changed my life forever. When I am here, it doesn’t feel like reality. I get to do everything I didn’t think was possible.”

Video changes to a camper climbing a pole on a high ropes course.

Video changes to another camper pulling himself up on a high ropes course as his feat dangle in the air.

Video changes to aerial footage of a camper climbing a high ropes course.  Adults and campers stand on the ground below watching him climb. A shelter is also in the background with people standing and walking inside it.

Video changes to a room filled with smiling, school-aged children and counselors dancing in a line.   

Video changes to an outdoor basketball court filled with people in wheelchairs. A ball falls through the basketball hoop and a student in a wheelchair raises their arms in victory while others watch it fall. A counselor who is standing nearby catches the ball once it falls through the hoop.

Video changes to a tie-dyed shirt with the Bradford Woods logo drying on a laundry line outside.

On-screen text reads: We offer Recreation Therapy programs year-round. For more info, visit our website at

The screen changes from video footage to a screen showing the IU Trident.  Text fades in on the screen reading “Indiana University” and “” at the video ends.

Summer Camps

Camp Riley

Camp Riley Logo

Bradford Woods is home to Camp Riley, which operates eight sessions each summer for children with physical and cognitive diagnoses. Camp Riley is supported by Riley Children's Foundation.

More about Camp Riley

Partner Camps

People climbing log ladder

We partner with other organizations to provide specialty and medical camps for a variety of populations, including MDA, CHAMP Camp, Easterseals Crossroads, Little Red Door, and more.

More about Partner Camps

Adult Programs

Adult Camp participant

Adult Programs offer a camp experience to adults of all ages with a physical or cognitive diagnosis - many campers have been attending our week-long or weekend adult camps for decades!

More about Adult Programs

Beyond the Woods

Our Beyond the Woods program is an extension of Camp Riley, which pairs youth with physical and cognitive diagnoses with a mentor with similar life circumstances. Participants and mentors meet weekly online and throughout the year.

Custom Programs

We use our Recreation Therapy practices to offer session, day, and overnight programs to organizations. Work with our experienced staff to build a program that helps your participants thrive.

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Camp Riley allows our child to have a wonderful camp experience, full of fun, physical and mental challenges, new friends and outdoor adventures. As her parents we know she is having a great time and is surrounded by caring staff who will ensure she is safe and well cared for.

– Parent of Riley 3 camper