Universal Guest Policies and Procedures

Bradford Woods is accredited by the American Camp Association. The following policies and procedures are written for your safety, the integrity of our property and programs, and the longevity of our organization. It is required that you read and comply with all of the policies and procedures as your program agreement is based upon these materials.

Event Details

Before your group arrives on property, a Bradford Woods event coordinator will be in touch with you to confirm your event details:

  • Deposit and Contract. See your event contract for details on deposits, confirmed numbers, and cancellations. Contracts and deposits must be fully signed and returned by the due date listed in the service agreement.
  • Check-in Time. Please be sure to schedule a check-in time with your Bradford Woods event coordinator so they can walk through the facilities with you, confirm your event details and provide you with emergency contact information. If you realize you will be early or late for your check-in time, please contact your event coordinator as soon as possible. During your check-in, your event host will review the camp’s safety procedures and emergency procedures.
  • Number of Guests. Let your event coordinator know the number of people you expect to have at your event. It is important that we know the number of male/female participants as well as the number of chaperones in your group so we can help you determine the most comfortable sleeping arrangements.
    • Confirmation of final numbers must be submitted at least 21 days prior to the event. If no number is received the number on the contract will be used. If the final number is higher than that on the contract, the amount billed will reflect the final number. Minimum billing numbers apply. If we are providing meals for your group, menu selections are also due at this time (see below).
  • Event Agenda. If your group has a planned agenda, we recommend forwarding this information to your event coordinator so we can confirm your event details.
  • Check-out and Clean-up. Please allow fifteen minutes before departure to meet with a Bradford Woods host regarding your stay. All lodging and meeting facilities should be left in clean and acceptable conditions upon departure. This requires groups to remove all trash from their facilities and to leave all facilities in close condition to how they were found. If the conditions of the facility require extra cleaning or maintenance work, your group may be billed per hour for these services. 

Programs and Services

  • Facility Set-up. All facilities have a standard set-up. Please do not move furniture/mattresses between facilities. The use of tape and/or pushpins on walls and tables is prohibited. Permissible methods of hanging include sticky-tack and painter’s tape. Damage to a facility or failure to reset a facility may incur additional labor charges.
  • Programming and Activities. During your stay, you are welcome to hike, explore, and enjoy other aspects of the property. Guests of Bradford Woods may engage in fishing from the shore on their own, provided they are not interfering with Bradford Woods programming and have a valid state fishing license. Many activities (i.e. swimming, canoeing, pontoon boat rides, climbing tower, etc.) require the use of program staff and/or lifeguards, and must be arranged a minimum of four weeks prior to your event. Swimming in our lake or pool is prohibited without a Bradford Woods lifeguard present. Likewise, use of our challenge areas and equipment is not allowed in the absence of trained Bradford Woods facilitators. If your group has any Bradford Woods-facilitated activities planned for your stay, each member of your group will need to complete a Bradford Woods Global Release. Minors must have this form signed by a parent/legal guardian. As a result, these forms need to be sent out to your participants prior to their arrival on property. Guests will not be allowed to participate in any Bradford Woods-led activities if we do not have a completed Global Release form on file. During Bradford Woods-led activities, all participants must wear closed-toe shoes. For water-based activities, sandals that stay on the foot or water shoes may be used.
  • Food Service. Groups may either prepare their own meals or use Bradford Woods’ catering services. No outside caterers are allowed. If you are using Bradford Woods to provide your meals, our kitchen staff will contact you prior to your event to collect your menu choices, any specific dietary needs and estimated numbers. Our kitchen staff is able to accommodate specific diets including vegetarian, gluten-free (limited selection), and vegan with prior notice. Assistance with other needs is available on a limited basis. Please provide your menu selections, meal times (if not using a designated meal shift) and dietary needs at least three weeks prior to your event. Final guarantees for all meals must be provided to our kitchen 21 days prior to your event. Your group will be billed for this guaranteed number or the actual number of attendees, whichever is higher.
  • Kitchen Usage. Guests who rent Griffith Hall or Cross Keys Inn may rent the industrial kitchen facilities in these buildings for an additional charge. Since these facilities have commercial kitchens, guests must make arrangements for an orientation session prior to their event. Manor House, Agape Lodge, Ryan Cottage, Delaware Cabin, Baxter Cottage, Basswood Cabin, and Wolf House all have standard kitchen facilities which may be used without a fee. Guests must follow safe food handling/kitchen usage procedures posted in our facilities, including the use of approved disinfectants in kitchen cleaning and appropriate dishwashing technique.
  • Campfires. Your group is welcome to build fires in designated fireplaces and campfire sites. A member of your group is responsible for starting the fire, monitoring it and extinguishing it prior to leaving the campsite or fireplace. Your group may purchase firewood from an additional charge. Wood from outside Bradford Woods is prohibited for environmental and pest reasons.
  • Linens. Please note that only the Manor House comes equipped with linens and towels. If you would like us to provide linens and towels for your group at any other location, notify us in advance. An extra charge will apply.
  • Equipment Rental. If you need to rent a projector, screen, easel/flip chart pad, or TV, please contact your event coordinator in advance. Technology built-in to a facility is included free-of-charge. Various other items may be rented upon request, including charcoal grills and table linens. Please ask your event coordinator for a list of these items.

Responsible Behavior and Group Safety

All Bradford Woods guests must follow these guidelines for responsible behavior. Your group is responsible for its own behavior, but Bradford Woods reserves the right to eject from property any individuals or groups not acting in a responsible manner.

  • Alcohol. Alcohol is not permitted at Bradford Woods unless arrangements have been made in advance to have alcohol served by a licensed bartender who meets the liability insurance requirements of Indiana University. Self-service alcohol is never permitted. If you are interested in serving alcohol at your event, please ask your event coordinator for a copy of IU’s alcohol policy.
  • Firearms, Weapons or Illegal Drugs. No weapons, firearms, fireworks, flammable materials, or illegal drugs are allowed on Bradford Woods property.
  • Gold Panning or Prospecting. Gold panning and prospecting is prohibited on Indiana University and Bradford Woods property.
  • Drones. Drones may not be operated on Indiana University property without obtaining prior approval. Please let us know if you anticipate wanting to have a drone during your stay.
  • Animals/Pets. Personal pets are not permitted on Bradford Woods property. Service animals that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks directly related to a person’s physical, sensory, psychiatric, or intellectual diagnosis, are permitted. On Bradford Woods property, persons must maintain control of the service animal by way of harness, leash, tether, or voice. If the service animal is out of control, without prompt action from the handler, or is not housebroken, persons may be asked to remove the service animal from the premises.
  • Personal Property. Please avoid bringing expensive jewelry or items that may get lost or damaged during your stay. Personal sports equipment (baseballs, bats, soccer balls, frisbees, etc.) may be brought but should be handled safely. Please do not bring personal climbing gear. Bradford Woods is not responsible for the damage, loss or theft of any items brought on property.
  • Smoking. Smoking is not permitted in any residence, facility, or on property by clients, service providers, summer staff, and non-residential staff members. Individuals are permitted to smoke in personal vehicles.
  • Respectful Behavior and Quiet Hours. Please be aware there are often multiple groups enjoying the Bradford Woods property at once, as well as private staff residences. Do not enter facilities you have not reserved, and be respectful of other groups. Quiet hours are from 11:00 P.M. until 7:00 A.M. Please respect other visitors by returning to your facilities and minimizing noise during this time.
  • Trails and Property Boundaries. Bradford Woods is bordered by IN-67 on the east and Old Swimmin’ Hole Lake on the west. If you’re interested in hiking to the north end of property, please ask your host for a hiking map and explanation of trails and boundaries, as the rugged terrain can make for difficult navigation.

Programs Involving Youth

  • Retreat groups are responsible for supervising minors during their stay at Bradford Woods. For all retreats involving minors, groups must have at least one adult for every 12 minor participants. All group participants ages 18 and younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Bradford Woods asks groups to observe the following supervision ratios for camps based on participant age:
    • 5 years and younger: 1:5 staff-to-camper ratio (1:6 for day camps)
    • 6-8 years: 1:6 staff-to-camper ratio (1:8 for day camps)
    • 9-14 years: 1:8 staff-to-camper ratio (1:10 for day camps)
    • 15-18 years: 1:10 staff-to-camper ratio (1:12 for day camps)
    • Additionally, at least 80 percent of staff should be 18 years of age. All staff should be at least 16 years of age and at least two years older than the minors with whom they are working.
    • Two staff members/chaperones must always be present any time campers are showering, changing clothes, or sleeping in cabins.
    • If your group is unable to meet these ratio requirements, please inform your Bradford Woods event coordinator immediately.
  • Groups are required to follow Indiana University’s Policy on Programs Involving Children which requires background checks to be completed on all adults working with children. Please review the link above or ask your event coordinator for details of the policy.
  • No one is to be alone in a one-on-one situation with any camper without (at minimum) a direct line of sight to another non-camper. Every person authorized by the rental group to interact with campers is to receive training in the detection and prevention of child abuse.

First Aid and Emergencies

Bradford Woods does not provide health services to rental groups – each is responsible for providing its own first aid/nursing/emergency care services. In the event of an emergency, you should call 911. Bradford Woods has trained staff members who may also be able to assist. Notify your event coordinator if you have an emergency so they can assist.

  • CPR/First Aid Provider. Each retreat group should have one person present who is CPR and First Aid certified from a nationally-recognized provider including training in blood-borne pathogens. For your safety and convenience, Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are located at Baxter Dining Hall, Carr Center, Cross Keys Inn, Griffith Hall, the Manor House, and the Waterfront Beach House.
  • Medical Information. Bradford Woods recommends that your group maintain a roster of participants, their addresses, emergency contact names and numbers, a list of known allergies or health conditions, restrictions or other accommodations and permission to treat forms.
  • Medical Treatment. Rental groups are responsible for providing their own first aid kits and emergency care and transportation.
  • Medicine Dispensing and Storage. Medications must be carried and dispensed by an appropriate agency representative only. Rental groups must store and secure all medications appropriately, ensuring medications are accessible only to the appropriate representative for dispensation. Groups may provide a lockbox for medication, or you may talk to your Bradford Woods coordinator about a secure space for medication storage during your stay.
  • Emergency Assistance. In the event of an emergency, EMS services are available by dialing 911. If dialing from a property phone, dial 9 + 911.
  • Transport to Urgent Care or Hospital. It is the responsibility of rental groups to transport participants to urgent care or the hospital. Groups must ensure that at least one vehicle remain on-site that may be used for group transportation if necessary.
  • Weather Emergencies. A siren will sound on Bradford Woods property in the event of a tornado and some severe weather situations. Shelter locations for severe weather are included in the welcome binder in each building on property. If possible, please make your way to the preferred location. If weather will not permit or you determine it is unsafe to move that distance, please make your way to the alternate location. In cases of severe lightning or thunderstorms, please move to the nearest shelter or building and out of harm’s way.


For the safety of other visitors and wildlife, please adhere to the following rules:

  • Please observe the posted 20 miles per hour speed limit.
  • Limit driving through property during your event unless needed for shuttling purposes
  • Since some roads are one way, please be sure to read traffic signs while driving to and from your retreat facility. This is especially true traveling to and from the Administrative Parking Lot as the large hills are one-way.
  • Participants are not permitted to ride in the back of trucks or other non-passenger vehicles. Off-road vehicles and UTVs are prohibited.
  • Vehicles are to be parked in the designated parking areas only. The delivery and fire lanes to all facilities must be left unobstructed. All driveways and roads must be clear of cars in case of emergencies.
  • Since parking is limited on property, carpooling is strongly encouraged. Please notify your event coordinator of the number of cars and/or buses you will be bringing to Bradford Woods so they can help you make appropriate parking and shuttle arrangements for your group.

Head Lice and Bed Bugs

  • Anyone with active head lice should not attend programs at Bradford Woods until they have been treated appropriately. Groups should screen their participants before coming and discourage participants from close or direct head contact with one another. If head lice are found during a program at Bradford Woods, the affected individuals will be asked to remove themselves from programming until appropriate treatment has been initiated (as per the instructions of the treatment).
  • Bradford Woods maintains an aggressive policy to prevent bed bug infestations. Anyone known to have bed bugs should not attend camp at Bradford Woods without first undergoing a heat treatment on their personal effects (Bradford Woods can assist with this if needed). Bradford Woods actively sprays to prevent bed bugs several times per year, and in the event that bed bugs are discovered, eliminates them by heat treating the affected areas.

Environmental Stewardship

Bradford Woods values protecting the environment:

  • Recycling. We have provided recycling bins at various locations throughout our property: Carr Center, Manor House, Agape Lodge, Baxter Dining Hall and Griffith Hall and small green bins in lodging spaces. If you have trouble locating these bins during your stay, please contact your event coordinator. We recommend groups bring re-usable water bottles and coffee mugs for the duration of the event to help Bradford Woods reduce waste.
  • Trail Usage. We encourage you to enjoy our trails. Please do use our trail maps to ensure that your group stays on the trails at all times. This will help to lessen the impact we make on our environment. Please do not harm or collect plants, mushrooms, or wildlife.