Challenge Activities

Our high challenge courses and events include a range of activities and complex problems where teams are challenged both mentally and physically while traversing obstacles. Obstacles are typically at height (above 10’) or take place in Old Swimming Hole Lake. Participation at height requires safety equipment, including but not limited to a harness and helmet.

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Universal Zipline

On our universal zipline, participants of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities are able to soar freely through the trees. With an accessible ramp to the top of the zipline, all participants access the launch tower in the same fashion before setting off on the 375-foot-long zipline that glides over a woodland ravine.

Our inclusive equipment ranges from modified chairs for folks with limited mobility, to hammock style seats for folks with trunk control, to a harness for folks without mobility differences.

Future Plans

In the future, we hope to continue our partnership with CHAMP Camp and build a fully accessible treehouse adjacent to the zipline launch tower. With the ramp already built, a treehouse would give our campers a unique treetop experience – even enabling overnight experiences.


Climbing Tower

Standing at around 40' tall, the Climbing Tower is a traditional tower in which participants use rock climbing holds to reach the top. Two of the towers walls slant outwards, allowing for greater participation for those participants who may not be able to climb a traditional rock wall: one tower wall slants at 60 degrees and has various large holds and resting platforms, and another is slanted at 80 degrees.

Cargo Net Tower

The Cargo Net tower was built in 2015 thanks to a generous partnership with 4XKIDS. As part of the Low Universal Course, the cargo net tower enables participants to climb from one level of cargo net to another using whatever methods are appropriate to their abilities. Since the tower is enclosed, participants are able to climb without needing to have harnesses or helmets.


Alpine Tower

At nearly 50 feet tall, the Alpine Tower challenges individuals to traverse the tower by way of rock climbing holds, ropes, logs, platforms, and wires – much like a vertical obstacle course. Adapted equipment and buddy climbing are available options to lend assistance to campers. The Alpine Tower also has a Giant Swing attached, where participants are hauled up before getting a big swing.


Other High Elements

Pamper Platform

The Pamper Platform challenges individuals to climb to new heights. Participants gear up with harnesses and helmets then climb the telephone pole, and once on the top, jump out as far as they can before being caught and lowered gently to the ground by their belay team.

High Woozy

The High Woozy, or commitment bridge, builds connection between two participants, as they must rely each other as they traverse on wires from one platform to another – all at height! The individuals utilize each other for balance and success.