Thank you for your interest in supporting Bradford Woods & Camp Riley! While Bradford Woods is an auxiliary program of Indiana University, we are responsible for raising our budget through fee-for-service programs and donations. With 60 years of history, maintaining camp to our high standards is an expensive proposition. Support from our stakeholders, alumni, donors, and others means the world to us, and helps us deliver high-impact programming to thousands of program participants each year.

Bradford Woods Heritage Fund

The Bradford Woods Heritage Fund exists to collect general donations for the support and preservation of Bradford Woods, including its programs and facilities.


IU Bradford Woods Climbing Club Fund

The Bradford Woods Climbing Club was established in late 2018 as a tool for advancing self-esteem and self-advocacy among local adolescents through the use of healthy outdoor recreation. Donations provide general support of the Club, and can include support for the cost of participation for local youth, who learn the basics of climbing at Bradford Woods and the EPIC gym in Indianapolis before taking a guided climbing trip to a regional climbing hotspot.